Newport Zero Pen Torch Lighter

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Newport zero Pen Torch Lighter

Premium pen torch

The Newport Zero Pen Single Torch Lighter is the lighter of all lighters. It will torch whatever comes in contact with its flame. Before you know it, the Pen Torch will be controlling and generating all of your lighter abilities, causing great angst for all your other lighters. It will bring the heat but also cool you down with its stylish but large metallic tank.

Heavy-duty pen torch lighter

The metallic fuel tank allows you to use it with confidence while reminding you of Newport Zero glorious lighting powers like the ability to store more fuel than all of your smaller lighters combined. Like I said before, the Pen Torch is the perfect torch for all of your lighting needs. Whether you need to light up a cigar with a perfectly distributed lockable torch flame or need to heat up some caramelized sugar, or even start your campfire, the Pen torch is your go to lighter.

Adjustable flame lighter

it has an easy adjustment rotatable head to ensure that you create the perfect torch every time. And if you need an intense amount of heat for a longer period of time, the pen torch has the power to lock its flame in place. How many lighters do you own that can do that?

Portable pen torch lighter

This affordable and dependable torch only takes up a mere six inches of your space. It's big enough to not misplace yet small enough to transport with you when you need a powerful torch on the go.

Buy the best pen torch

What are you waiting for? Hasn't the power of the amazing Newport Zero Pen Torch lighter drawn you in already? The power is in your hands. Take control over all your lighting needs with the Portable Pen Single Torch Lighter and never spend another moment with lighter regret.


  • Easy and safe operation.
  • Self-igniting piezo ignition.
  • Powerful and safe adjustable flame works at any angle
  • Excellence in design and construction.
  • Refillable metallic tank.
  • Comfort metallic grip handle.
  • Kit includes a 90ml butane fuel canister.

Pen butane torch warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on all Newport Zero Butane torch lighters. Follow the below link for warranty steps.
Torch Warranty

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children.

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