Holiday Season 2018: NZ Kit II

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Sale Holiday Season 2018: NZ Kit II
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Holiday Season 2018: Newport Zero kit II - FREE SHIPPING

Good things come in small packages -- and big ones, too. To make it easier for our customers we created four Newport Zero kits that include most of our premium products.

Whether you're looking for the best 2018 Halloween Deals, Thanksgiving gifts, Black Friday Sale, Cyber-Monday discounts, Christmas sale, or New Year special deals. We got it all for the lowest prices ever.


Holiday Deal II includes:

  • London Love Air Sanitizer
  • Newport Zero extra purified butane can  90ml
  • Newport Zero extra purified butane can 300ml
  • Newport Zero metallic portable torch lighter
  • Z-Zeus triple flame butane torch lighter
  • Newport Zero Single Cigar Ashtray

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