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About Newport Butane

Newport Zero specializes in producing top-quality butane products, cigar accessories and butane canisters. Its products include butane torches, butane lighters, burners, air sanitizer, cigarette filters and more.

Best Butane Torch Lighter

If you’re looking for the best butane torch, go no further than any Newport Zero Butane Torch models. They’re simple, safe, and ergonomically designed to get the job done.
Whether you want to use your kitchen torch for culinary purposes or something else, it’s important that you have the best that your budget allows for.
Newport Zero Butane Torches are manufactured with safely and simply in mind. Even refilling with Newport Butane fuel is quick. And the self-igniting piezo ignition makes the performance that much easier.
Newport Zero offers a wide variety of butane torch sizes and models. The Refillable lighters for everyday use, The mini size for fast and easy going model, The medium size delivering a high concentrate of heat with a gas flow adjustment lever to control the flame, and the jumbo size ideal in size, style, and performance. In addition to the Pen Torch, Double Flame, and Triple Flame Butane Torch.

1 Refillable Cigar Butane Torch Lighters
2 Kitchen Cooking Butane Torch Lighters
3 Bartender Butane Torch Lighters
4 Personalized Butane Torches - Free Engraving

Cigar Accessories

Newport Butane offers an extensive selection of cigar accessories to compliment your fine boutique premium cigars. Featured cigar accessories are cigar cutters, humidors, ashtrays, cigar cases, cigar tubes, gifts and other related items for the cigar smoker. Newport Zero brand accessories offer the best values.

Enthusiasts get it all, a fine laser engraved cigar accessory at a low discount price. Affordably priced, every Newport Butane cigar accessory is extraordinarily high in quality and offers superior value.

1 Cigar Cutters
2 Cigar Ashtrays
3 Cigar Humidors

Newport Zero Butane Torch Lighters, Fuel, & Cigar Accessories

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