Pen Butane Torch

Shop Pen Butane Torch by Newport Zero.

Portable Butane Torch by Newport Zero is an effective tool, portable, and easy to handle. Perfect for lighting up your cigar and other culinary uses.

Official Newport Zero Butane Torch, Premium Quality, Heavy Duty Products.

Ideal Uses:

  • Electronics Repair, Heating Shrink Tube, Small Jewelry Repair, Crafts and Hobbies, Automotive Repair, General Lighting, Cooking - Culinary Torch, Cigar Triple Flame Torch Lighter, Blow Torch, Welding Torch, Camping Torch, Firestarter Torch

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Newport Zero Pen Torch Lighter Newport Zero Pen Torch Lighter

Newport zero Pen Torch Lighter Premium pen torch The Newport Zero Pen Single Torch Lighter is the lighter of all lighters. It will torch whateve..

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