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Newport Zero is the #1 selling brand in the USA for Butane Fuel Cans and Butane Torch Lighters. Providing lifetime warranty on our butane torch lighters.


  • Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Fuel - Near Zero Impurities
  • Newport Zero Butane Torch Lighters
  • N Zero Cigar Accessories: Cigar Cutter, Cigar Ashtray, Cigar Humidor
  • Newport Zero Butane Stove/Burners

Butane Torch Features

  • Premium Quality
  • Hundreds of styles that fit everybody's needs
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wholesale Request

All wholesale requests are processed manually by our sales team.

Please send us an email including your tax id to Sales@NewportButane.com. Our sales team will review your request and contact you for further information.