Cigarette Filters

Niko Stop Cigarette Filter

Reduce tar and nicotine without changing the taste of cigarette. Niko stop is a plastic filter that goes on your cigarette to help reduce intake of tar that is in cigarettes. Each filter is good for 3 to 5 cigarettes.

The Best Active Cigarette Filtering System.

Product Features:

  • Compact & easy to use
  • Active filtering system
  • Remove tar and nicotine
  • No change in taste or flavor of the tobacco
  • 30 filters/pk


Stop the TAR By 90%, Breath Better A Must For Smokers! Miracle Device

Reduce tar & nicotine inhaled Helps quit smoking! 

Niko Stop Cigarette Filter Today's Deal on Disposable Cigarette Filters: 4 Packs (30 filters in each) for $17.99  => 120 filters for $17.99..


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