Jumbo Butane Torch

Shop Heavy Duty Jumbo Butane Torch by Newport Zero.

The Jumbo Newport Zero Butane Torch is an effective tool, delivers a high concentration of heat and easy to use.

Newport Zero Jumbo (10") Series of specialty torches handle several unique jobs. These torches are engineered to handle special niche projects. So whether you need a torch for an outdoor camping job or you want to caramelize your crème brûlée in the kitchen, look to our specialty line of torches. We recommend refilling these torches with Newport Zero Butane Fuel - Near Zero Impurities - for best performance.

  • Premium Quality.
  • A wide range of styles.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • Safety latch.

Ideal Uses:

  • Electronics Repair, Heating Shrink Tube, Small Jewelry Repair, Crafts and Hobbies, Automotive Repair, General Lighting, Cooking - Culinary Torch, Cigar Triple Flame Torch Lighter, Blow Torch, Welding Torch, Camping Torch, Firestarter Torch

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Refillable Jumbo Kitchen Butane Torch Gone are the days when cooking torches were only for star chefs on our favorite cooking shows. Now, lots of r..


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