Best Butane Torch

Sizes, Colors and Designs.

What is a Butane Torch?

The butane torch is an effective tool, safe and easy to operate. Part of its ergonomic design includes a comfortable grip handle to make using the butane torch a breeze. Each butane torch has a childproof safety lock system. After the child-proof safety lock is removed operation is a piece of cake.

Butane Torch Sizes:

There is 3 different butane torch sizes available. For those who want a butane torch on a smaller scale go with the mini 5.5″ or regular 6″ butane torch. They offer the same features but on a smaller scale. If you are in need of a large butane torch for heavy use, go with the jumbo 10″ model.

Mini Butane Torch (Micro Size 5.5" and 5")

The Mini butane torch by Newport is fast and easy going, easy to light, has a refillable butane tanks and features an adjustable flame length.

Medium Butane Torch (Regular 6")

The Regular butane torch by Newport delivers a high concentration of heat, a gas flow adjustment lever that controls the size of the flame.

Large Butane Torch (Jumbo 10")

The jumbo butane torch by Newport is ideal in size, style and performance. At 10" in height, this butane torch is large and heavy duty, packing enough power to be used in outdoor camping.


Portable Butane Torch (Fit on Top, & Pen Torch)

Two types of portable butane torch are categorized under this section, The Pen Butane Torch, and Fit on Top Butane Torch.Pen Butane Torch: is a portable, mini in size, Pencil-shaped design.


Portable Pen Pencil Butane Torch

  • ease of use, Quick-start ignition ball
  • one-touch operation
  • tabletop stand, for hands-free use
  • Piezoelectric ignition system, requires no electrical connection
  • 2,500-degree F, blue-torch flame, for a more precise flame tip
Fit on Top Butane Torch:

The Fit on Top Butane Torch screws onto a can of Newport Butane and utilizes a adjustable flame for extra safety. It also features a flame look for continuous use and a child proof 

safety lock mechanism. 

Portable Fit on Top Butane Torch

Simply screw the attachment onto your can of Newport Butane and you're ready to go.

Butane Torch Colors and Designs:

The butane torch is available in different colors:

  • Classy Solid colors like: White, Black, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Pink...
  • Luxury Colors: White Mirror, Black Mirror, Metallic Gold, Metallic Rose Gold...
  • Special Designs: Wavy Rasta, 2016 New Rasta Design, Yin Yang and Dragons design.

Butane Torch Quality:

Newport Zero is a very popular brand when it comes to making high-quality butane torches, durable and packed with plenty of useful and convenient features like adjustable gas flow setting for flexible flame control, a sturdy hands-free attachment, piezo lighting system for super quick ignition, you don't need to click the switch several times in order to light. It also has a manual locking for safety. Very decent burning time, able to burn continuously for approximately three hours with an excellent flame strength.

Ideal Uses:

Our premium collection of multipurpose butane torch lighters are perfect for every bartender, mixologist, chef, jewelery designer, and outdoor enthusiast featuring powerful flame and safety button that fit with your kitchen tools, bar, electronics Repair, heating shrink tube, crafts and hobbies, automotive repair, Cooking - Culinary Torch, Cigar Torch Lighter, Blow Torch, Welding Torch, Camping Torch, Firestarter Torch