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Newport Zero Portable Butane Burner - Butane Stove

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Butane Stove Features

If you are looking for the smallest, refillable and portable butane burner, Look no further than this amazing Butane Burner by Newport Zero.
It features an infrared ceramic burner, made in Japan, powerful flame temperature up to 2400F, Piezo ignition, and adjustable flame.

A full refill can operate this butane burner for over 1 hour.

Most of our clients use the butane burners in their restaurants, catering services, and laboratories.
Its a must-have kitchen tool for warming your food, catering services, outdoor activities (hiking, camping, ...), charcoal starter, and more.

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SIZE: Width: 5.7 inch, Height: 2.36 inch

Available in 2 colors: Black & Silver

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