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Luxurious Electronic USB Lighter by Newport Zero

Newport Zero Dual Arc Electric lighter featuring a rechargeable battery and powerful heat to light your favorite cigar. 

Dual Arc Lighter Features:

  • Windproof & Flame-less
  • Innovative Ignition Patented double plasma arcs generate X heat beams for wide lighting area to ignite easier and faster than traditional lighter. Per click on touch switch sustains ignition for 7 seconds. (Please hold on for 1 second to click touch switch after open the lip)
  • Rechargeable & Convenient Built-in 280mAh lithium battery supports cyclic charge for 300 times, a full charge takes about 1.5 hours and lasts up to 100 sparks. LED power indicator tells the charging status and remaining capacity of battery. This electric lighter is used to light candles.
  • Efficient & Safe Flame-less windproof design allows 100% valid ignition in any weather. The arc lighter requires no fluid, no butane thus smokeless and smell-less for clean environment.
  • Portable & Quiet 20% weight reduction(2.9 oz) and compact design are appropriate to keep it in pocket. The electric lighter is engineered to be whisper quiet for using in parties or other occasions.
  • Durable & Exquisite Zinc alloy construction prevents damages from falling. Delicate appearance with gift package makes it an ideal choice of gift.

Why Newport Zero USB Arc Lighters

  • High-Tech: Innovative dual plasma arc lighter generates X beam for better ignitions.
  • Safe: Flame-less, smell-less, smokeless, no gas or liquid required.
  • Convenient: This USB rechargeable lighter with 280mAh battery can keep live over 1 week and over 9000 ignitions lifetime.
  • Durable: All metal shell protects from dropping or scratch.
  • Gift-wrapped: The best gift option for birthday, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day,Father's Day.

Electronic Lighter Features:

Flame type: Dual plasma arc
Rechargeable: Via included USB-cable

Your cigar deserves the best lighter.

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