Promo: Cigar Gift Set III

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Holiday's Special Promo: Cigar Gift Set III

Cigar accessories that go together naturally like humidifiers and solutions or cutters and lighters go better with Newport Zero deals and free shipping.

Cigar Gift Set 3 Includes:

  • Newport Cigar Double Cigar Tube.
  • Newport Zero Double Large Cigar Ashtray.
  • Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Canister 90ml x 2
  • Newport Zero Zee Royal Cigar Butane Torch

Cigar gift sets and starter kits — to us smokers, they're the gifts that keep on giving. But there's more to life (though not much) than a good smoke; there are all the things that go with it. Maybe the smoker in your life would like a sweet 5-pack gift set, or a new cigar accessory! Or maybe just a plain old gift card…see, not only are we cigar smokers thankful for your leafy gifts, we're also simple to please and easy to impress.

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